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Book Software: Problems You Avoid and Benefits You Get

Now that organization problem is extremely important for enormous book collections owned by people all around the world, innovative book software is in great demand. All My Books has appeared for which solving any book library organization problem is a breeze!

Using All My Books you avoid:

Manual data entering

In the book software everything is automatized. You just have to specify the book name and the program does all the rest wok automatically. In a couple of seconds all the fields in the book card are filled in.

Searching problems

You see the program has flexible search functions for fast and effective books search. Moreover, there are a number of quick filters, which, being selected, filter cook collection according to the criterion needed. For example, you want to see only books by Paolo Coelho, choose the option and you'll see only them.

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Difficulties with collection protection

If you have children or don't want your collection to be viewed without permission by some reasons, you will appreciate the protection options offered by the book software. Set a password and no one will be able to enter your book database when you are absent.

Problems with books lent to friends

An efficient and easy-to-use book-sharing manager will help you avoid problems arising when you don't remember whom you gave your book to. It will remind you which book and whom you gave and when it should be returned. It's a tremendous help actually, if you've got a lot of friends.

Now let's have a look at the benefits you get

Support for all-known-today book formats

Using this book software you get a unique program capable of cataloguing books of all existing formats. You know e-books and audiobooks are gaining popularity day by day.

Chance to print the list of all your books

Using All My Books you can make a printed collection of all your books. It's really very convenient to be able to choose a book to read in bed having looked through the whole list including colourful covers and all necessary details.

Ability to keep details about authors and editors

The book software provides an opportunity to store info about authors and editors and even add their photos. For any genuine book lover it's really important to know everything about the author of his favourite book.

Ability to have the complete list of all books in your collection

So, choosing All My Books as your book software you get a nice well-equipped and well-furnished home with all modern conveniences for all your books! It's smart. It's efficient! And it's fun. In other words, it's the software for library your books will fall in love with! :)